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Mon, Jan 8, 2018 11:00 PM



Lightroom mobile: Ability to "visualize" Sharpening - same as when you hold down the ALT key in the desktop version

Others may have already posted these ideas but I would love to see these options show up in Lightroom CC on the iPad Pro:
Adding the ability "visualize" when adjusting settings such as Sharpening. Same way the Desktop version does with when you hold down the ALT key. It would be a HUGE.
Perhaps this could accomplished with integration using the smart keyboard or other external keyboards. 
And of course the addition of the healing/clone brush...I know thats been asked for by many.




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3 years ago


Feature requests are best entered as a “one feature request per post” method. Adobe accumulates votes on individual feature requests and follows the commentary on each. When you combine feature requests in a single post, it brings down the vote total and dilutes its impact. 

Additionally, many requests made have been made before, and consolidating your feature(s) with those, request strengthens everyone’s cause. When there are multiple requests in a single post, we cannot combine them to join your collective voices. 

Please consider separating your feature requests into individual posts or adding to existing posts.



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3 years ago

The sharpening mask is already possible - hold down two fingers on the slider as you slide it.

And healing brush was added in today's release!

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Thanks, all the time I was annoyed and just didn't know it was already possible. :D

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2 years ago

I can do 2 vingers on the masking slider, but the mask won’t appear. Frustrating user interface...