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Sun, Nov 4, 2018 5:38 PM


Lightroom: Location Hierarchy sorting improvement

I'm really mobile and like where this new cloudbased Lightroom CC is going. Still missing a lot of features but anyways.

One thing that really bothers me since I'm an obsessive metadata location tagger is following:

Lets say i have about 100 000 photos with good location info. I want to find some of my photos from Russia. I chose Russia from the "places" filter and still have 1000 photos. The intuitive thing would be that when i have chosen Russia only sub-locations (regions, places) that are inside Russia would be showing. But instead i see ALL locations available, even if they are not inside Russia.

Fixing this minor thing would makeing sorting _alot_ smoother and its an improvement that is really easy to fix.

Sorry if this topic has alreade been posted. I'm new to the forum and have tried to search for it.

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