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Tue, Mar 13, 2018 11:00 PM

Lightroom: Inconsistent sorting in various flavors of Lightroom CC

I’m having a sorting problem. I’ve created an album with a custom order (using the mobile version), but that custom order doesn’t display properly when shared as a web gallery. Specifically, this is the behavior I’m seeing in the various flavors of Lightroom CC.


Mobile (iOS)

Custom order displays properly (not surprising as I created it in the mobile version)

Reverse order displays properly


Desktop (Mac OS 10.13.3)

Custom order displays properly

Reverse order displays properly

(My only complaint is that the desktop version doesn’t allow for any changes of the custom order)


Web Lightroom CC (Safari 11.0.3)

Custom order defaults to reverse order (but is otherwise correct)

Reverse order – there does not appear to be a way to reverse the order when in “Sort by custom order” mode (unlike “Sort by Capture Date” which has an arrow allowing the reverse switch)


Web Gallery (

The default view is the reverse of the custom order I set up.

Clicking on the “reverse order” icon (upper right corner) changes the order to “reverse chronological”, with the most recently capture photos at the top and the oldest at the bottom (and NOT in the custom order I created)

Clicking on the “reverse order” icon reverts to the “reversed custom” order originally present. 


I’ve tried a suggested work-around for sorting issues (manually changing the custom order and then back again to ‘reset’ things), but nothing changed. This is a fairly substantial bug as sharing photos is a major feature of a cloud-based photo platform.


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