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Thu, Apr 18, 2019 2:22 PM


Lightroom: Improve custom profiles management

I just tried to add three custom color profiles into LRCC. These custom profiles are created using the XRite app which copies the DCP files directly into the appropriate CameraProfiles folder. Unfortunately, the way LRCC manages these files is quite poor. After multiple restarts of the App, the new profiles still not appear in the list.
If I strictly follow the instructions detailed on the help page, namely copy by myself the DCP files directly into the CameraProfiles folder, the result is the same. The new profiles do not appear either. And I get the same result if I use the "Import profile" command from the top-right menu of the Profile panel. So what is the next step ? Reboot the computer ?

I think the profile management should benefit quickly from a serious enhancement, including a few set of functions as mentioned below:
1. at least a "Refresh" button to update the list of available profiles without restarting the app
2. a dedicated section "User Profiles" or "Custom Profiles" to group the user profiles
3. a "Custom/User" entry into the profile filter panel
4. a delete button to remove a profile whould be interesting even it is already applied to images. LRCC already handles this use case by attaching the Adobe Standard profile.

Anyway, this is another item into the list of still missing features, such as :
- an efficient keyword management
- a customized ratio management 
- a watermark management (directly embedded into LRCC, not in Adobe Portfolio as I read in some places)


Update : after multiple restarts (and probably some magic stuffs), my custom profiles finally appeared in a dedicated "Profiles" section. The "Profiles" section can also be filtered, which is great. But there still remains some strange behaviors: the DCP files are no longer visible in the CameraProfiles folder. So where are they ? And the first profile I had added for test, and then removed, is visible again. (???)


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