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Sat, Feb 3, 2018 2:09 PM


Lightroom Ecosystem: Multiple lightroom shared galleries offers just two sharing options.

1. There's a global gallery that I can add individual albums to
2. I can create dedicated shares, starting with the content of one album then add other pictures from other albums

There's no way to create additional gallery-like shares that contain multiple albums in the same style as the global gallery.  One really obvious use-case for this would be to share an entire folder of albums (e.g. a folder corresponding to a music festival, with albums for each band).

I can create one uber-share with all the pictures in a folder.  But it's tedious work and loses the album structure that I'd much rather keep!


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3 years ago

I agree!

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2 years ago

I was going to ask for the same, but instead I join this post. Multiple galleries is highly desired!

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9 months ago