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Mon, Oct 19, 2020 12:41 AM


Lightroom Desktop: You have all the tutorials on changing colors creating cool ideas....

You have all the tutorials on changing colors creating cool ideas, but I find the organization of this app is confusing and not very user friendly. The mobile app new update is horrendous but let's focus on the Categories and importing.

I've used this app for years off and on and it's not like riding a bike to get back into. All I'm asking for is some detailed tutorials from Adobe about organizing and importing into catalogs if that's what they are still called. I don't know my photos are all over the place and it makes me only use the software for a quick edit and move on to other apps. In the past I was able to organize with folders and control settings now it's just confusing. Thanks


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It would help to know which Lightroom version you're actually using, as there are two desktop apps now - Lightroom Classic, which is the traditional folder-based version that may look familiar from the past, and Lightroom Desktop, which is a cloud client. You can check by going to Help menu > System Info

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