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Tue, May 19, 2020 9:51 PM

Lightroom Desktop: Why isn't Lightroom Gallery an option under Sharing / Connections? Have to switch to Lightroom Web

Sharing in LR is very disjointed. One would think that the Desktop version would have more or the same functionality as the Web version, but the Desktop version has less. 

In LR Desktop, one can right click on an Album, or individual photo and the options are:
  • Share To ... (Adobe Portfolio) 
  • Share & Invite ... 
It would seem logical to include Gallery as a Connection under "Share To ...", but alas, it is not.

Nor is there a section under Sharing for Gallery. One has to go to the LR Web version to access the Gallery. So much for a streamlined workflow.

In addition, there's the Shared to Web section, which can be comprised of individual photos, an album that's included in the Gallery, or an Album that is excluded from the Gallery. If one has never gone to the LR Web version, one would never know that it's possible to have a collection of albums in one place to share with friends and family. 

Please provide consistency between platform versions in regards to sharing, and integrate the Gallery into LR Desktop.

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1 y ago

It's no surprise to me that Lr Desktop doesn't have all the sharing functionality that Lr Web has, bearing in mind that the Web app has been in development for several years longer than the Desktop app. Thus the Desktop app is still playing catch-up in some areas (though it's ahead in others), and while a lot of progress has been made there are still a few areas where Web is ahead. AFAIK, consistency across the cloud client apps remains a goal of Adobe's, so hopefully in time there will be even less areas of significant difference.