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Thu, Oct 29, 2020 9:47 PM


Lightroom Desktop: Upload to Facebook

How do I upload photos from Lightroom CC on my desktop directly to Facebook?


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a month ago

A few years ago, Facebook changed their security policy. Now they do not allow third party desktop software to upload directly to Facebook. Neither do Instagram.

You need to export your photo to the hard drive, and then upload from your own Facebook account.

From the Lightroom app on your phone you can share directly to your  Facebook/Instagram account.

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19 days ago

It is an absolute disgrace that Lightroom (Cloud) has been out for 3 years now and there are no options on the desktop app to share directly to the major social media platforms. 

The sharing connections that are available are pitiful. Who the heck wants to share to blurb? Where is Instagram? Where is Facebook? The biggest and most prominent platforms all missing. 

This is basic functionality, this is not an advanced feature. This should have arrived as a point update ... years ago. 

In a world where smartphones are becoming people's main cameras and the makers of those phones provide cloud libraries ... well Abobe needs to be the best. They need to provide the most full featured software on the market, because free is damn hard to compete with.

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Neither Facebook nor Instagram provide for sharing directly from Desktop Applications.

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@campanellafoto - there was publishing service for both Facebook and Instagram in Lightroom Classic years ago. Then, like I wrote above, both Facebook and Instagram blocked posting from third party desktop applications, and the publishing services stoped working. Nothing Adobe can do about that, no disgrace.
You may share from your phone.