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Sun, Oct 25, 2020 3:52 PM


Lightroom Desktop: update -issues

I have updated to latest version on Lightroom for desktop.  I’m only a beginner, but so far have found issues with cropping and menus not always being visible on drop downs.

cropping and straightening don’t appear to save. If you clock at the side, like previously, it reverts to original photo.  If you come out of photo and then back in, it has saved!

When I go to drop down menus after export is pressed, sometimes some menus are not there including select button - just have to click in general area, and it does save.  And even the destination folders are it always visible.  I have had that issue before, but it seemed to correct itself..Also paste edits, not always visible.

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Lightroom Desktop (Cloud Based) new 4.0 crop does not work


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