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Fri, Feb 14, 2020 12:51 PM


Lightroom Desktop: Sync on edit changes rather than other system events.

In Lightroom Desktop (Cloud Based) when I switch from grid-view of my images to Detail-view in order to edit an image, the changes I made do not get synced to the cloud service until I leave Detail view and return to grid view

This is really terrible and is constantly screwing me up, because I will spend a lot of time on my laptop editing photos and then the last photo I edit, I will often leave on screen as I leave for work, expecting to load the photos I just edited on my phone and post some online during my commute. I frequently find that the edits I made to my photos are not synced to the cloud, because I accidently left the image I wanted open in my Lightroom Desktop (Cloud Based) in Detail view; I never clicked back to Grid View, and so my edits never got synced, and now I am not able to access them, and I am forced to either re-do all the edits on my phone (not always easy), or simple accept that I cannot access my edits anymore unless I go home and use my computer, which defeats the *entire point* of having a cloud-based system.

Please, please, please make it so that your edits to photos are being synced in real-time, NOT triggered by some unrelated event such as changing the View mode. This is killing me!!!

thank you


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7 months ago

This is by design. Edits do not sync on an individual slider move or other Edit stack operation. Generally, moving to. the next image is what triggers the sync on the previous image. This dramatically reduces the syncing overhead and improves performance in the local. app.  I will convert this to a feature request since it is not a bug per se. 

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7 months ago

Maybe a request to sync after X minutes of inactivity would cover it