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Fri, Oct 23, 2020 1:17 PM


Lightroom Desktop: SmugMug Connection to Folder Hierarchy


First of all, it's great to see the new SmugMug connection, thank you for implementing that! It's a much better workflow than using the Lightroom import option from SmugMug. There is one issue that prevents me from using it, though.

I generally (as I imagine most do) have both galleries and folders in my SmugMug hierarchy. Folders at the top level to divide categories and galleries below that. As far as I can tell, the new SmugMug connection does not support folders at all. It asks for a "Project" name which generates a top-level gallery of the same name. I tried adding a forward slash in there to see if it would put that gallery in a folder, but alas it did not.

Please consider adding the ability to at least select folders to the SmugMug Connection. For my purposes, being able to select a top-level folder and sub-level gallery is sufficient, but I imagine other users may have multiple levels of nested folders, so some type of tree browser would be best. You may also want to rename "Project" to "Gallery" so it's more transparent to SmugMug users where things are going.

Please let me know if any  of the above is unclear.


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