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Mon, Jan 6, 2020 3:04 PM

Lightroom Desktop: Selective adjustments gone, everything reverts to original

Sometimes when I work with selective adjustments, particularly with brushes it seems, they just fail to load at all and the whole photo reverts to original state with no way of bringing back any changes whatsoever. Not just selective adjustments but everything. When this happens I've tried opening the photo in LR on iphone, ipad and desktop but it's the same everywhere. I even checked the web version as a last resort but no luck there either.

On mobile it never loads at all, when I open on desktop I get this below. The thing is that I work mostly on mobile and I always make sure things are properly synced whatever client I use.

My general feeling is that LR reaches a point where it's unable to handle the level of complexity and just reverts and throws everything away. I also suspect the brush is the culprit, as far as I can remember this has never happened with only radial and/or linear. As much as I love LR CC when it works it's awful losing a lot of work without warning.


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9 months ago

We have not been able to reproduce this issue. Has this continued for you?

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