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Tue, Jan 2, 2018 7:58 PM


Lightroom Desktop: Rename Filename on Import

LR Classic has very powerful import file renaming. Right now, LRCC feels like very niche supplement, but fills a need I actually want... mobile lightroom as a starting point.  I want to import, have proper filenames, then go back to my desktop and have everything there ready to go.  


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4 y ago

Agreed, whilst the cloud storage removes the need to concern ourselves with where they are stored, my workflow renames files to include the date so if they are downloaded anywhere it is easy to see this.

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3 y ago

In my opinion, I should be able to organize my files in a manner that is functional with my workflow.  Without the ability to change file names on import, my workflow is extremely disrupted and the organizing system I use and love, is void.  I organize by year, then month, then client folder, and then all the files for that client have the date of session, client name, and file number. This way I can never accidentally mix files from different sessions when saving or moving them.  Please please please implement this very crucial update! I know there are so many others in the same predicament as me, based on my web searches for help. 

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2 y ago

This is a basic function for any photo workflow management software, can you please put the basic functions into your next release. In general, please introduce options upon photo import, like file name changes, color profile changes, and stacking of raw/jpg. Lack of such basics is introducing huge waste of time in the workflow, giving a relatively good LR CC service a bad overall experience.

Please improve the import options with default file and profile change options!

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2 y ago

Renamng is a basic function for any photo workflow management software. I am sorry but I cannot take LR (cloud based) seriously until it has a renaming function. 

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7 m ago

Dear Adobe Lightroom Team,

I would like to use the following workflow:
- Take pictures with the DSLR on CF
- Connect the CF-USB-C adapter to an iPad with Lightroom mobile (6.1)

- Import the pictures from the CF card into LR mobile

- Sort out and post-process the pictures

- Sync the pictures with my LR Classic version 10.1 on Windows 10 (to have the files on my local NAS)
Works fine, but then I just have the file ("_S006422.CR2) from my Canon CF-card on my local library.

To really use this workflow I additionaly need
- to convert the pictures to DNG finally in my library
- to rename the pictures (as I can do while importing into LR CC, like "2020_12_22_10_46_S006422.DNG")

This would really make live easier and would be first time that I can use Lightroom mobile professionally!

Would be a really nice Christmas present... ;-)

Thank you very much in advance and... Merry Christmas!

Achim Schneider (astrosoft)

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