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Sun, Feb 25, 2018 1:16 AM


Lightroom Desktop: please add ability to change file names and smart albums

Have just looking at Lightroom cc (been using Classic / desktop version for many years). The interface looks great and very clean. Two key features which are missing (will prevent me from changing) are the ability to rename files and smart albums. The 'templated' renaming tools in Classic are great for bulk entering say date/time/locations. This is really the first step in my workflow. The second is the smart albums. These are the cornerstone of automatically having the "best of" albums for sharing. Whilst there are lots of other features not in the cc version, these are the basics amateur photographers like myself need. 


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3 years ago

Smart Alblms... Please!

Adobe Administrator


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3 years ago

Hi Bill,

These are two great ideas but people can't vote for them when they are combined in one post. You could repost them as separate posts but for now...

Go here to vote for the file renaming issue:

and go here to vote for the Smart Album feature: Ability to sync Smart Collections/Albums (Lightroom CC / Mobile /            

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2 years ago

I agree on both accounts, but especially Smart Albums. I used them for the best off and to automatically group certain keywords. As well as to find conflicts and issues with my catalog. I also had a huge set of smart collections in Lightroom Classic that allowed me to quickly see valuable stats like which lenses / cameras I used most, how many photos of various megapixels I had, etc.

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9 months ago

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Smart album.

The ability to create a smart album that automatically adds photos. E.g. automatically adds photos of high ratings