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Sat, Mar 6, 2021 4:23 AM

Lightroom Desktop: New User Profile, Where are my Photos and Albums?

I recently created a new profile account because my old account was attached to a now-defunct business. Now all my photos and albums are gone!!! How do I import them back into Lightroom?




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1 m ago

There is no automated way to transfer all assets from one Adobe account to another. You could perhaps call Adobe's Customer Care team to see if they can help, but in the absence of that there are a couple of methods that could be tried:

1. Use the Lightroom Downloader app to download all assets from the cloud of the old account, then login to Lightroom using your new account details and re-import the downloaded assets. When testing the Downloader I did encounter some bugs, which may or may not have been addressed yet.

2. The alternative to the Downloader is to Export all the images in the old account using the "Original + Settings" export option. It basically achieves the same thing as the Downloader, except that the Downloader stores the downloaded images in a capture-date based folder system, whereas using Export you have to manually choose the target folder for each export operation. However, Export should be bug-free.

3. The slightly "off the wall" method would be to use the relatively new "Contribute" feature of shared albums. Basically in the new account you would create an album (or multiple albums if you want to replicate the old accounts album structure), and in the share options you would use "Invite only" (inviting the email address of the old account), and enable all the metadata options and the "Can Contribute" option. On receipt of the email, using the old account (in either Lightroom Desktop or LrWeb) you then add all the images in the account to the shared album/s. They are then copied from the old account to the new account, the major benefit being that there is no need to download/re-upload all the images.