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Wed, Oct 24, 2018 11:30 PM


Lightroom Desktop: Metadata overlay in fullscreen mode (F)

I would like to see information overlays in full-screen mode (keyboard shortcut F) and detail mode (keyboard shortcut D). This is because I like to give the image as much screen estate as possible, which means full screen mode (F) but it currently doesn't provide any input/confirmation when I add a rating or flag which could be better from a UX perspective.

Ideally this overlay would show (1) rating metadata:

and optionally as well (2) shot info:

These two items could be placed with a transparent background over the image and toggled by perhaps I (info) or O (overlay) shortcuts that are already used elsewhere.

Alternatively, they could fade in/out for a short time when you move to a new image, or when the user provides metadata input (flagging X, Z or U) or (rating 1,2,3,4,5 or 0). This gives us both the info while not killing the immersion of nothing but the image with a slight delay.

I would find it useful if I could toggle between the rating metadata or shot info by toggling. The rating metadata is the most useful/important to me but ideally we would have both.

Bonus points for auto-advance in full-screen mode :)


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2 y ago

Huge +1 to this suggestion. I'm personally most interested in seeing the shot info overlay while in detail (D) mode. This info is available on the iOS apps; would be nice to have it in the desktop version as well!