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Fri, Apr 12, 2019 2:37 AM


Lightroom Desktop: Manual geotagging metadata of multiply files

Please improve LR CC to develop manual geotagging. I used to do the following steps with picasa browser.

Select multiply photos > Display and zoom in the location map > Drag the place marker to correct location > GPS coordinate will be automatically saved into the metadata of the photo files.

On top of that, in a picasa browser map, we enter approximated GSP location manually. Search and show the approximated location with a place marker. Then we can drag to place marker to the correct location.


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10 m ago

This is a feature of Lightroom Classic. It’s a real shame Adobe hasn’t added it to Lightroom CC. I would also like to see this feature added.

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10 m ago

The ability to manually geotag a bunch of photos would be really appreciated for those of us with older cameras that don't automatically add location tags. I used to do this in Lightroom 6 by creating a metadata preset with the location info (location, city, state, etc.) and optionally a geographic coordinate if I could recall the exact location. I had metadata presets for all the most common places where I would shoot photos that I could quickly apply when importing.


The best workflow alternative I could come up with in cloud-based Lightroom is to select a group of photos and then manually enter the data in the location fields on the info panel. It will apply the metadata to all the selected photos, but it gets tiresome having to type the same location over and over when importing new photos. One nice thing though is that if you enter a complete address in the location fields, Lightroom often is able to resolve the location to the specific geo coordinates and display the location on a map within the info panel.


I miss having the ability to assign a geo coordinate when there is no address for the location and also being able to copy metadata from one photo to a group of other photos.