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Sat, Jul 27, 2019 2:21 PM

Lightroom Desktop: Linear Gradient lines not showing

Just recently downloaded Lightroom onto my Windows 10 laptop. The linear lines do not show. How can I fix this please?


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2 y ago

If this is still a problem after a restart of the App and a restart of the computer then: 

Lack of lines for the gradient is normally a symptom of an outdated or incompatible GPU. Go to your video card manufacturer's website and check for the latest driver for your video card.  If that doesn't solve the problem you may need to disable GPU in the Preferences. 



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2 y ago

Also make sure you don't have "Show Edit Pins:" set to "Never" (press "H" to toggle beween "Never" and "Auto").

1 y ago

There's definitely a bug here. The lines for linear gradients work for me about 50% of the time. If it's an issue with the GPU, the fix should not be restarting, there should be some notification. 

I'm using a 2018 MacBook Pro, pretty sure the GPU is compatible.