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Mon, Feb 26, 2018 10:28 AM


Lightroom Desktop: Keyword management tools

Keyword management in LR CC is genuinely too basic. Actually, it is even completely useless because of fundamental capabilities missing, such as:
• define a hierarchical organization of keywords
• assist the user in adding keywords (auto completion to avoid misspelling)
• assist the user in removing keywords (warning when the keyword is already used on some images)
• consolidation on "add a keyword to a photo": adding a child keyword to a photo will automatically add all the parents keyword too" 
• consolidation on "remove a keyword from a photo":  removing a parent keyword from a photo should also remove all the child keywords
• keep consistency when renaming an existing keyword (all instances of that keyword have to be updated among the library)
• keep consistency to avoid doubles
• show a badge on image thumbnails in grid view to indicate the presence of keyword
• import/export function


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3 years ago

I approve these suggestions. Sadly, it is a real poor system

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2 years ago

I definitely agree with this. As I've just bought the Lightroom Queen's new LR CC book, I have been reorganising my keywords. It is a bit of a mammoth task in LR CC though, and it needs a lot of fiddling and workarounds to achieve anything.
I've never been one for hierarchal listings, but I can see the point. I agree it needs much better/simply adding of keywords though, auto-fill, or at least a suggestion pop-up, so you can see if you typed a similar keyword in a different format. It might help some users if there was a selectable list too.
It also needs a way to manage them too, such as in Classic you can easily merge two similar keywords, or retype if you want to change.

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a year ago

I couldn't agree more. the current keyword sidebar is so rudimentary that it is worse than the Photos apps. Lightroom CC should learn from its competitor. Capture One Pro is a really great keyword manager.

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9 months ago

I just started my free trial of Lightroom 2 hours ago and am already pretty convinced that it provides literally no useful functionality beyond the free Photos App on a Mac because the way it deals with keywords is so horrible. Why would you build a cloud version of something with WAY LESS functionality than the desktop version and its much cheaper competition then expect users to pay a subscription for it? Since I work in selling software subscriptions, I've always argued in favor of subscriptions to my Adobe-hating friends, but if this is what Adobe subscriptions are like, I can understand why everyone is so angry. I'm already at a 7/10 level of pissed off and I've only wasted 2 hours of my life on Lightroom CC, not even close to as much as an enterprise trying to migrate from the useful version of Lightroom to the useless one.



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Sorry to hear of your frustration, is there something we can help you with Laura?

It sounds like you're having trouble with keywords, so perhaps you could help us understand what you were hoping for, and which software you're using at the moment.

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need to look no further. Does Lightroom CC have support for keyword manager like Lightroom classics? Not just adding keywords, but managing all the keywords I added.