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Fri, Nov 27, 2020 8:09 PM


Lightroom Desktop: It is impossible to delete some camera profiles in cloud-based Lightroom

Some camera profiles in Lightroom can't be deleted, no right-click option appears. These include all built-in profiles and all .dcp profiles imported from the ColorChecker Camera Calibration app. In Lightroom Classic one could just delete the profiles from the hard drive, but the cloud version seems to only store the profiles in the cloud, leaving them inaccessible.

This leads to serious clutter when using many profiles, especially because it is impossible to group or rename profiles and, if two have the same name, they will be selected at the same time.

This was tested with the latest versions of Lightroom, Camera Calibration, and macOS.

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Lightroom Desktop/Mobile: How do I delete camera profile?


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2 months ago

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