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Tue, Nov 5, 2019 8:16 AM

Lightroom Desktop: How does it work multiple user accounts on the same computer?

Since migrating from Google photos I am struggling sharing photos with my wife. Lightroom web is incredibly slow and PC is limited for two computers. I have a PC and laptop, wife has laptop and bad luck, can not be installed on third computer.

On my PC, I created her own user account in Windows and realized I can run Lightroom CC with my account logged in without consuming another license. That was a good news for me.

What I do not understand is how local storage works then. On my Windows user profile I am running LR CC I have all originals stored on disk. If I set LR CC on her Windows profile the same way, it started downloading originals all over again, but on the same destination. It looks like instead of using originals already downloaded it started overwriting originals all over again. 

WTF is happening there? Does it mean I have to create two separate originals destinations for each me and wife even if the same Adobe account is logged in and the content is absolutely identical?


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a year ago

This is pretty much an untested area - multiple OS user accounts with a common Adobe ID attempting to use the same Local Storage destination. 

After the second download you mention, did the system end up with one or two sets of locally stored images? Did the behavior settle down?

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I hope I am not creating a black hole or something.

On the second account (first is the one with full original sync done) I see like 11075 syncing, which si probably all my pictures including trash. This can run for an hour and count does not change.

While running, it uses like 12% of CPU and 30MB/s disk usage.

In Originals folder itself, some subfolders changes their edit date and time to present (or hour ago, while it is already running for an hour), but pictures inside does not, their change date remains the same. By the change name I mean what windows explorer says the file was last modified, not EXIF. So it is probably not overwriting pictures itself after all.

Absolute zero network activity while syncing.

And that is it. Lot of disk activity and nothing more, it keeps syncing without progress.