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Mon, Feb 3, 2020 5:13 PM

Lightroom Desktop: How can I delete the pictures in Lightroom and at the same time from my hard disk?

most of the time i take a lot of pictures. 
now my struggle is this.

first im import al the pictures from my camera to a external hhd.
then i import it to LR CC.
i select the good and the bad ones.
The bad ones im delete from lightroom to safe space.
but on my hard disk i got al the pictures the good and the bad ones.
is there a way that when you delete the bad ones from lR CC that it also delete the selected ones on your hhd?


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2 y ago

I would add all the images to lightroom interface and mark them as picks or rejects or leave them blank. Permanently DELETE the ones you totally rejected. Lightroom does not copy your images. They only live on your hard drive not INSIDE lightroom



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2 y ago

If you first copy the images to your hard drive, and then import them in Lightroom (cloud), then Lightroom will upload the images to the cloud. The original images on the hard drive will have no connection anymore to Lightroom. To Lightroom the originals are now in the cloud, not on your hard drive. That means that whatever you do with the images in Lightroom will not have any effect on the copies that are still on your hard drive.