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Mon, Jan 27, 2020 2:52 PM

Lightroom Desktop: How can I change the color profile from ProPhoto to Adobe RGB or sRGB

I would like to know how to change the color profile of Lightroom CC (and not Lightroom classic). Lightroom CC always use Profoto while I would like to use ADOBE RGB or sRGB... I can change it on Lightroom classic but not on Lightroom CC.. 
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2 y ago

Soft proofing is an advanced feature that's only currently available in Lightroom Classic.

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2 y ago

There is a difference between working color space and an applied color profile. With soft proofing as described by Victoria, you want to apply color profile that matches your destination media.(Print or Web). In Lightroom (cloudy) you can export to a JPEG file and choose the color profile for the derivative file. There are 4 choices:  sRGB, AdobeRGB, DisplayP3, & ProPhotoRGB.    Again you will want to choose the color PROFILE that matches your destination media. Working ColorSpace:  Both Lightroom apps will use ProPhotoRGB because this is one of the largest envelopes of available colors and most suitable for calculation colors for pixels.  The result is going to be a color for each pixel that falls inside the ProPhotoRGB.   You want this large Color Working Space so that Lightroom is not limited when it generates color for pixels.  The smallest colorspace (Envelope) is sRGB.  It is suitable for web projects that will be viewed on a variety of monitors that are out of your control. It is a generic color profile for monitors, specifically older monitors that were not capable of displaying colors that fall outside of the sRGB envelope.  The best monitors available today can display color that fall within the larger Adobe RGB envelop or the even larger DisplayP3 envelope. AdobeRGB was designed to be a generic print color profile.  Although the best color profile for print media is one calibrated specifically for the printer and paper being used. DisplayP3 is the newest profile to be seen in the computer display.  Most notably. Apple displays have a color envelop that matches the DisplayP3 color profile.   ProPhotoRGB is primarily a Working Color Profile for computational apps like Lightroom. DisplayP3 and ProphotoRGB offer similar color envelopes Each overlaps the other but some colors represented by one fall outside the other.  AdobeRGB envelop will fit inside of ProPhotoRGB and sRGB will fit inside of AdobeRGB.  You will always want to pick the largest color work space for computation but the color profile best suited for the media destination (screen or print OR additional processing) for any exported derivative.