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Sun, May 5, 2019 4:48 PM


Lightroom Desktop: High sustained CPU usage from dynamiclinkmediaserver

While the Lightroom app and Adobe Lightroom CC Helper themselves are relatively good with CPU usage on macOS, I've been having serious issues with the dynamiclinkmediaserver daemon (AFAIK a sync daemon?) going crazy with CPU usage continuously.

This is so bad it can drain a full 15" MacBook Pro battery in a matter of a few hours *with Lightroom CC closed*. The CPU pegging is clearly out of control because it impinges the operation of Lightroom CC itself (basics like moving through photos, not even editing) instead of intelligently throttling itself while the app is under usage. 

Worse, perhaps by design dynamiclinkmediaserver (a very unfortunate name that makes it seem like a malicious binary) remains active even *after* Lightroom CC has been exited. This means even without a user actively wanting Lightroom to operate background syncing, massive battery drainage still occurs with no obvious way to limit this behavior or disable it. 

I've even tried kill -9 but this is a persistent daemon which systematically springs back up. This also makes sense, by design, but it's extremely bothersome when used on a laptop without easy access to power to counteract the massive energy inefficiency of this daemon. 

Is this intended behavior or a bug? If it's intended behavior, please tell me the Lightroom team is considering throttle controls to limit the daemon to 10% of its CPU usage when Lightroom is inactive. Or better yet, prevent it from directly damaging Lightroom CC performance when it's used concurrently. 

I can provide process samples if that can help debugging.


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5 months ago

Again mirroring Andy's question, I am also having the issue of dynamiclinkmediaserver taking up a huge amount of energy and battery power while running LR Classic.

Per your requests though, I am running High Sierra (10.13.6) and LR Classic (9.3 Release). 

Activity Monitor is showing dynamiclinkmediaserver -> amecommand taking 454% CPU and is making my Macbook Pro run super slowly and export of a small gallery is taking over 4 hours. Advice on how to fix would be greatly appreciated!

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Original thread Lightroom Desktop - this post Lightroom Classic.

Please reference the new conversation here: Lightroom Classic: Video - Dynamic Link Media Server consuming 454% of CPU slowin...
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4 months ago

If you're on Windows and Lightroom Classic is causing high CPU usage - add your photos, catalog and cache folders to Exclusions list of Windows Defender, so it does not scan the folder.