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Wed, Aug 15, 2018 3:08 PM


Lightroom Desktop: Filter on import screen

I shoot both JPEG and RAW (ARW) on my camera, but I only want to import the RAW files into Lightroom CC. Currently on the import screen, there's no way to select only the RAW files and I have to do it through the manual browse feature.


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2 years ago


Why hasn't this been addressed yet? (it works in Lightroom Classic!)

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a year ago

I agree, this is crazy that this is not already an options. I love the program over all but import setting are way too simple. Need filters like by date, and file type.

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17 days ago

I really want to see more options when importing pictures into Lightroom. Sometimes I will have my camera shooting both RAW and JPEG but I do not want to bring in the JPEGs into Lightroom. The only option when reviewing images for import is to "Select All." 

It's ridiculous if you are looking at a card with hundreds of images you can be there half the morning de-selecting the images you do not want. Why can't you toggle between importing different file types? Also an option to import just flagged or locked images would be awesome as well. 

Note: This comment was created from a merged conversation originally titled More options at Import

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Yes, this is one of the areas where Lr is far behind LrC...