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Thu, Oct 10, 2019 6:51 PM

Lightroom Desktop: Export creates duplicate files

Sometimes (most of the time) when I export files via lightroom CC it creates duplicates of most of the files; sometimes one duplicate, sometimes 6 or 7. Sometimes I have to just stop the export and start the whole process all over again (at which point it may or may not create duplicates again). It bogs down the computer and wastes tons of time deleting the duplicates. I've noticed the same problem mentioned before by other users with no resolution. Has a fix been found yet?


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2 y ago

Please go to Help/System Info... and get us the installed version number of your Lightroom installation. 

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2 y ago

Mine is doing this as well.
2.4.1 [20190901-1202-844edb7] sept 11 2019