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Fri, Jun 18, 2021 8:46 PM

Lightroom Desktop: Editing Photos of Jewelry

How can you elegantly enhance jewelry through Lightroom. I need a tutorial on this.


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1 m ago

It depends on the image and the quality you are after. There are basic things you can do in LR but to really make a $26,000 ring look like a $26,000, it will need a lot of retouching* in Photoshop. 


*I'm on a mission to start a movement to stop calling it "photoshopping" when what is meant is retouching which takes skill, dedication, and years of experience, not button-pushing. Not that you did, because those were my words; I just want others to see it. Happy face.


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1 m ago

@Rebekah Ortiz Have you checked the courses available on Kelby ONE that deal with this sort of thing?