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Wed, Jan 15, 2020 1:31 AM


Lightroom Desktop: Easy Archiving to Hard Drive (Originals + Edit Data + Keywords + Folder/Album Structure)

We need an easy way to archive the entire catalog into a hard drive.

Sooner or later we all have to free up some cloud space. As of now, there is no effective way to do that.

We need to be able to download all of the original photos, edit data, and keywords. With all of the folder / album organization intact.

That way we can pick up from exactly where we left off if we need to come back in future.

Currently, Lightroom CC has an option to download all of the original photos. This option is not good because it only downloads the images and does not download the edit data. Plus it dumps all of the photos in one folder; hours of effort you put in to organize the photos is not honored.

"Export original + settings" is not useful either. I chose a batch of 25 raw images and ran this option. It's been about an hour now and Lightroom CC has so far managed to export 1 image. At this rate it would take 3 months to archive 2000 pictures I took during my 2-week vacation in Hawaii.


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1 y ago

+1 - That is exactly something I am missing too. The minimum Version would be to have the possibility to mark a few folders and export them to the same folder structure on disk. That for sure could create duplicates but that would be better than having nothing. 
Also it should be possible to add the folder names as tags to the pictures / vids metadata. That would allow a full reconstruction of the folder structure.


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1 y ago


At this point, this is the main thing standing between me and going to the Cloud-based Lightroom, and having me playing with ON1 360 to see if it can do what Adobe can't.

I will add that for me, the requirement would be the ability to export all my photos, originals + rasterized edits (that could be in RAW + JPG/TIFF format) in my defined organization structure (my current folders in Lightroom Classic). Since those translate to albums in the cloud-based app, I know that's challenging, but if I ever had to leave Lightroom (like I did when development of Aperture ended), I need a way to export everything. I also, to be blunt, am not willing to trust my entire backup schema to Adobe, and want to maintain my own local backups of originals + edits that can be opened and viewed by any image editing/viewing app.

I'd also accept Adobe committing to taking Lightroom Classic to the iPad, but I don't think they are going to do that.