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Sat, Dec 29, 2018 6:25 PM


Lightroom Desktop: Center selected photo in Filmstrip so I can see the photos immediately before and after it

While in Detail view in Lightroom CC, there is an option to show the "filmstrip" along the bottom of the screen. Currently, the selected photo will travel to the far right or left of this strip as you are viewing photos. It would be ideal to keep this centered, so the user can see the photos immediately before and after it. While reviewing and marking images, it is extremely helpful to be able to quickly look and see how many other versions of a shot you may have available. Since the selected photo moves to the edge of the strip, you can only see some of the similar photos, but the others go off the edge. This results in continually moving past the photo that is originally selected to see how many others there are, and then moving back.


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3 months ago

Any news on this?

Seems such an obvious omission..