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Fri, Apr 6, 2018 11:21 PM


Lightroom Desktop: Auto advance

please introduce auto advance when choose a flag.


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3 years ago

Totally agree.
Probably it will take 18 month development, an increase of 1 buck/month and an increase size of the installer, but yes, it is a must have.
(I've discover a shortcut using cmd up or down with speed up a bit instead of usual shortcut)

Go for C1, succeed your cloud by yourself 

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3 years ago

You can activate auto advance by turning Caps Lock on, or you hold the Shft key while klikking any flag, color or rating star (or use the keyboard shortcuts with Shft). 
Oh, sorry, you are talking CC, and I am talking Classic CC

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3 years ago

I've managed to work around this by filtering the view to unflagged. You could also add flagged to that if you just want to hide rejected images


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This is why I am dying for smart albums/collections: I used to have my entire workflow laid out as folders with smart-collections, based on this guide by Dan Morris:

Complete Lightroom Workflow  

Really hope to see "smart albums/collections" rather sooner than later!

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2 years ago

This reply was created from a merged topic originally titled Lightroom CC: Auto-advance on culling.

Please implement Autoadvance feature when you reject a photo

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6 months ago

I thought I'd try the "new" Lightroom again, and it failed me on my second step: there's no auto-advance after flagging a photo as a pick or reject? What? I can't believe that's STILL not been added. Unless I'm missing it...!?!