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Sat, Jul 13, 2019 3:47 PM

Lightroom Desktop: Advanced Filtering and Saving Filtering Settings

The current filtering feature is not powerful enough. I'd like Lightroom CC to have advanced filtering, which should support the following functionalities:
  • Conjunction (and): showing photos that satisfy all the requirements
  • Disjunction (or): showing photos that satisfy any of the requirements
  • Negation (not): showing photos that do not satisfy the requirements
  • Composition of the above logical connectives.
It will also be great if we can saved those advanced filtering. This will be one step towards implementing smart albums.

FYI: both Capture One Apple Photos app have advanced filtering (and smart album). Since Lightroom CC is using SQLite so I assume the backend implementation should not be difficult.  

I also suggest advanced filtering to be an icon above the Keyword icon on the bottom right corner. When activated, there should be a side panel come out. Users can then add advanced filtering based on metadata, keywords, folders, etc.

I could look something like the filtering in Numbers app.

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2 y ago

I really like that simple UI

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2 y ago

That would be wonderful

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1 y ago

I agree that Lightroom Classic's filter bar is too primitive. It needs more options such as the ones discussed here.

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7 m ago

Lightroom search 


Can someone explain to me how multiple search terms / filters work? 

It seems like multiple filters of a type are treated as OR where as filters of different types are AND.

Except for search terms which are always AND? 

This creates some unintuitive behaviour (IMO) 

So for example If I search for "Tree" "Car" I see pictures that match the intersection of Tree and Car (in any Sensi Keywords, tagged keywords, and I'll assume any other indexed fields) 

Okay, now if I Filter by location or locations what I get is results matching the following 

"Tree" && "Car" && ( Location: "India" || Location: "England") 

If I now filter by camera or cameras I get results matching the following

"Tree" && "Car" && ( Location: "India" || Location: "England") && ( Camera: "<camera a>" || Camera: "<camera b>")

This I can understand even though its counter intuitive, it does get odd when a search term (not a filter) is the name of a person / keyword.

So firstly have I understood correctly?

Now some more confusion, again an example

Person:A Person:B == Person:A || Person:B 

Where as "A" Person:B == Person:A && Person:B  (assuming A doesn't match other tags else be becomes (Person:A || keyword:A) && Person:B)

This means you can't search for Photos with 2 people in unless you use a Text Search and a Person Filter.

i.e "Mary" person:Bob results in and AND but Person:Mary Person:Bob results in an OR.

But if I use “Mary” “Bob” as a text search, I get nothing.

Both “Mary” and “Bob” will return results individually. 

So I am obviously missing some detail on how this does / doesn’t work.

Now you can do a 3 person Search using the following

Start in a person via the people view, (i.e. Mary)
Then search for “Bob” this gives you photos with Mary and Bob in, then filter by “Jane” and you only see Photos of Mary , Bob & Jane.

But 3 is your limit.

I ideally would like the ability to search for multiple people or other terms (but I could live with people to start) simply by writing a query.

I can do this with temp albums  but that shouldn’t be needed.
I’d really like a not operator as well.
i.e Mary & Jane but not Bob

Note this is possible in classic via a search or Smart collection (Oh I wish Lightroom had Smart Albums) 

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7 m ago

Happy this has been merged would still be nice to hear from Adobe if this is expected behaviour 

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6 m ago

New to the software.  Be nice if you could save searches, perhaps in the sidebar underneath the albums.  I find myself running the same searches repeatedly and feel like I must be missing something but apparently not.    

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