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Mon, Jan 8, 2018 10:58 PM


Lightroom Desktop: Ability to do local sync to reduce latency and data consumption


New user to Lightroom CC and after using it to manage 90GB of 2017 photos (as a clean break from Lightroom Classic), my biggest concern is data consumption.  In fact I have exceeded my Cox comms 1TB monthly bucket, and highest usage days correlate to my big photo editing days.

To reduce latency and data consumption, can all machines on the local network, logged in with the same Adobe account, share local photo cache?  I have to PCs I use for editing, and synchronizing from the cloud to both is excessive.  Dropbox offers local sync for this very problem, and I would recommend investing in a similar feature.





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3 years ago

No they can't at this point in time, but LAN sync or shared originals would surely be a popular choice.

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2 years ago

I second this, but want to share a different use case. As I am thinking about a 1-week trip to Banff in October, I realize I’m not sure how to import my photos. I’ll be working off a 5GB cellular data plan, likely without good access to WiFi that can handle the syncing. So, I realize I’m going to have to choose whether to import photos to my iPad or my Computer. If I import them to my iPad, I won’t be able to stick photos. But if I import them to my computer, I’ll be stuck in that form factor. This is not an uncommon situation for me, and I’d love to be able to sync the devices locally over WiFi / Bluetooth / etc.

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a year ago

I agree with Jon. It would be great to be able to sync pictures between iPad and laptop without being in a WiFi. I also ran into this issue a bunch of times.