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Wed, Jan 6, 2021 11:08 PM

Lightroom Desktop: 100% picture display in Lr is bigger than real with Big Sur

If I look the same picture at 100% magnification on LrC and Lr on the same iMac the one on Lr looks approx twice as big as the one on LrC.

The correct one is the one of LrC

MacOs= Big Sur 11.1




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4 m ago

This has been verified and is on the engineer's radar, thank you.

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3 m ago

It is very strange, but my zoom behaviour suddenly changed. There wasn't update installed. I've only upgraded to Big Sur recently, but I am not sure the problem appeared after that, probably later. 

I've noticed when zooming I see degraded quality and even the pixels. I realized the image displays as 100% zoomed but in fact it is at 200%. When I manually zoom to 50% I get the 100% view. I've made the comparison by exporting a file and opening it in PS, zoom to 100% and switch between the two apps. 

Attaching example. 

100% view in LR

100% view in PS

50% view in LR

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I believe that this is a known issue on Big Sur only, and is being addressed by the engineers. 

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1 m ago

Updates to Lightroom Classic and the Lightroom Ecosystem products for Desktop, Mobile and Web were released today and contain a fix for this issue.

Please refresh your Creative Cloud application and install your update when it becomes available. Thank you for your patience.

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