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Sat, Nov 30, 2019 7:26 PM

Lightroom Cloud Storage

I have 1 TB of CC cloud storage but Lightroom still says I only have 20 GB of storage.  How do I fix this?


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2 y ago

I checked your account and you do show 20 GB of general sync file storage and 1024 GB of Photo Syncing Storage.  If you look in the Lightroom Desktop App (not Classic) or one of the mobile apps you should see the entire storage available. 

You can also log in at lightroom.adobe.com and click on your Avatar and select Account Info it will give you your current storage status. 

Remember the 20 GB that came with Lightroom Classic is for files other than synced Ecosystem Photos.  The 1 TB is specifically for syncing original files between ecosystem clients. 

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2 y ago

Not completely following your explanation. I am paying for a photography plan with 20GB of cloud storage. I am no longer paying for a 1TB CC plan. I found a way to delete the files using the web app. It wasn't easy to find. Why do I still have access to the 1TB? If I increase the photography plan to 1TB, will it act as a image syncing space?