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Wed, Oct 16, 2019 3:33 AM

Lightroom Classic to CC... Feature parity vs data parity

I use Lightroom Classic and Lightroom CC together. Someday I’ll move completely to CC. What holds me back is not so much the missing features for functionality like smart collections or red eye removal but the data that I will lose during the move.

I have faith that feature “X” will be implemented someday but importing my catalogue means for certain I will loose data that I’ve spent countless hours building.

When Lightroom has data parity for these items I’ll jump in with both feet:
Colour labels
Hierarchical Keywords
Collection Set = Folders
Folders and Folder Heirarchy

I’d be happy if I could trust this content would migrate over but I’d be ecstatic if it synced while I built up a trust for the system.

 There are threads asking for these features to be implemented please vote and let Adobe know our data, our content is important to us. It’s unfair to offer a new system with exciting new features but hold our existing data hostage. It’s not a great feeling, I lived through this torment when Apple dropped Aperture.

I don’t mean to rant, I love the Lightroom echo system, I just wanted to offer a perspective about data parity versus feature parity. In my opinion one can wait the other should be a minimum requirement.




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2 y ago

Just FYI, in case it helps...

> Colour labels 

Those do transfer during migration (not sync) but as keywords. They could, of course, then be filtered and applied again in future if color labels were added.

> Faces
> Collection Set = Folders 
Those do already transfer during migration, just not sync

> Folders and Folder Heirarchy
You can convert those to a Collection Set / Collection hierarchy in Classic, which then transfers (up to 4 deep) during migration (but not sync).

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2 y ago

I add my voice to Chris. I would like seamless, full-featured synching between  classic and mobile/cloud.