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Mon, May 6, 2019 7:41 AM


Lightroom: Change cloud storage warning threshold

Hi all,

Not a big deal at all - but currently Lightroom CC (and I'm guessing other Creative Cloud applications) start warning about available cloud storage when you have 20% space remaining.

The thing is this seems to be static regardless of how much storage you have left. This threshold makes sense at the lower tiers, 20GB and potentially even the 1TB tier - but at 2TB and above the warning appears way too early and has to be consciously (and eventually subconsciously!) dismissed for too long. It'd be good if either the end user could set a warning threshold, or Adobe could put the warning threshold on to a sliding scale of their own definition so those on the higher tiers don't receive the warnings so early. Another option could be a hardcoded value such as 100GB, but for those on plans lower than 100GB stick to 20%?





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a year ago

Good point, Nick. I'll ask the team to reconsider these triggers. You are correct that it is a straight percentage right now, which doesn't scale well.

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8 months ago

We've changed this in Lightroom Desktop 3.2 released yesterday.  Hopefully it helps!

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