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Thu, Jun 28, 2018 2:48 AM


Lightroom CC/Mobile GPS / GPX idea (iOS & Desktop)

I am patiently waiting for Lightroom to enable a way to add GPS coordinates to our images in the new Lightroom CC and Lightroom CC mobile. I really enjoy having location data to my images as it makes a superb way to view/find your images in Google Photos and other applications. 

Prior to the sleek new LR CC (albeit missing a couple of features), I used iOS apps such as Geotag to record a GPX file which I imported into the old LR CC map module. This worked really well, but now I can't do anything since LRCC doesn't currently support this. 

This got me thinking - Adobe could implement two options:
  1. GPX file importing as per LR Classic
  2. Why not use the LR Mobile (iOS/Android app to record the GPS coordinates in the first place? How cool would it be to have an option to record your location (in selectable time periods, ie 1min, 5min, 10min,30min, 1, hour etc) on one of your devices with LR mobile installed (ie iPhone), and then when you upload photos to LR CC (mobile or desktop) it adds this information by matching it to the timestamp of the image with the GPS coordinates (as it currently does with LR Classic).
I believe this would be a very clean implementation. At the very least they should give us the option to import GPX's files; but if they're wanting to introduce a really streamlined and easy process this could be a great solution. As long as its an option to either enable constant location history (like how Google Maps can record your timeline, or whether you select a "record" button in the app to start "recording" your precise/more accurate location at X intervals. 

My LR CC Desktop & Mobile wishlist:
  • Camera Profiles support
  • Preset syncing between desktop and mobile (as per latest update)
  • GPS support
  • Panorama stitching support
  • HRD Merge.

I am really enjoying LR Mobile CC on my iPad Pro (only use desktop occasionally). Once all the above are implemented I will be a very happy camper. 

Thoughts? Anyone have another idea for how Adobe could introduce GPS support? 



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