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Fri, Apr 19, 2019 7:14 PM

Lightroom CC Windows is extremely slow for a large collection storing Smart Previews locally

I have about 400,000 photos in Lightroom Cloud, and I try to store all the smart previews locally on all platforms for slow internet/disconnected operation/faster refresh.  On the iPad Pro, I have to select "store album locally" on each individual album, and it's blazing fast as expected once stored.  On Windows, there's a setting "Store all Smart Previews locally", which I have checked.  It took days to hydrate the Surface Pro 6 with 1TB SSD, and eventually all albums synced over.  However, it takes from dozens of seconds to several minutes for an album to update in the viewer when I switch to a different album.  Sometimes the cloud shows sync status, sometimes it doesn't.

Often, when Lr CC Windows starts, the album tab is empty, and it might takes ten minutes for it to show all the albums.  The thumb covers take more time to show, and the albums might wait for several minutes more each, spinning the progress circle in the image area.

This does not happen on the Mac, iOS, Web, or Android.  My hunch is inefficient local data structure lookup/interfering sync with low performance.  

Can you prioritize the local cache and show things at once, as iOS does, and keep syncing after the images are shown?


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Version 3.3, an update to Lightroom Desktop, went live on June 15, 2020 and contains a fix for this issue. Please install the update and respond back if it does not cure the issue for you. Thank you for your patience!
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