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Sat, Dec 29, 2018 6:36 PM

Lightroom CC: Why are there two Grid views?

I can't seem to 'get' the difference, the philosophy and the need of the two grid views.

It looks as if one should serve a a contact sheet and is more 'technical' and the other one is 'simpler' and serves as a gallery. But if this is true, why are they practically mimic each other without trying to be different in their functionality and user experience? 

One example would be the thumbnail sizes. It would seem logical to setup the PhotoGrid to show large thumbnails, for example, to showcase your photos or to view them in detail. And leave Square Grid as small thumbnails to resemble a contact sheet and skim through thumbnails quickly. However zoom (thumbnail size) is linked between two grid views and you constantly have to manually move the slider.

Can anyone chime in?


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2 y ago

I find the two different views useful - one gives the actual images as much space as possible but you can toggle to the other view to see file types, ratings, etc.

What I'd like to see added are flags to show if images have keywords attached, and shortcut keys to change the size of the thumbnails.

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Both of those features exist in Lightroom Classic CC. There are icons on the filmstrip and on the grid to show if it's been editted, if there are keywords, etc.



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2 y ago

It's a personal choice thing. Personally I only ever use the Square Grid, but I know other people who only just the Photo Grid.

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