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Sat, Dec 15, 2018 12:57 PM

Lightroom CC: Weird "save to" behaviour when using stacks in albums

When an album or folder has stacks, the behavior of actions in the menu is terribly inconsistent. 

This album has 31 images:

When I right-click, I can download all 31 image using the "save to" command, or alternatively delete all 31: 

However, when I turn 5 images into a stack, the behavior changes. I can still delete all 31 images at once, but when I use "save to", I can only download 26 images (it excludes the images part of a stack). This is non desirable, since this is the only way to export all images from an album to the computer as "original + settings". It makes no sense that the delete option takes all images, while the "save to" doesn't. Why? There is different ways of using a stack and it doesn't necessarily mean that only the "top image" is relevant.

Either include all images or add an "expand stacks" and "collapse stacks" menu item (I personally prefer the latter since it is much more flexible to work with and less cumbersome then having to open and close a stack to review images).


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