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Sat, Oct 21, 2017 11:08 PM

Lightroom CC using a ton of extra space on hard drive. What went wrong?

I downloaded Lightroom CC. The migrate function did not work. Adobe support was not able to make it work after a 7 hours remotely driving my MacBook Pro. Finally, I imported all of my folders into Lightroom CC. I thought the whole idea was to keep files in the cloud to free up space on my computer. Now after 2 days of syncing, I have a massive "mobile downloads.lrdata" file in my boot drive and getting out of space messages. I used to have approx 9000 photos using Lightroom CC now Classic. Now I have over 12000. What went wrong. How do I fix this mess, please?




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3 years ago

mobiledownloads.lrdata is related to Classic. It sounds like sync is turned on in Classic and therefore it's downloading all of the photos you uploaded to the cloud from CC.

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