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Thu, Oct 19, 2017 2:06 PM


Lightroom CC: Update metadata in original files

While trying out the new Lightroom CC, I see that metadata changes are synced nicely among my devices via the cloud, but they are not synced with the original files. Metadata (including all the Camera Raw settings, but also captions, keywords, and ratings) may be small compared to the pixels, but they are very valuable, because I spend a lot of time getting them right, so I want to be able to back them up and maybe to manage them using different programs.
Therefore it would be good if Lightroom would update the metadata in the original ("raw") files and not only in some opaque database or in code-named xmp files. Of course, using sidecar files (same folder, same name) would be OK.


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3 years ago

I agree. I'd prefer not to have sidecar files though.
I don't like is when metadata changes are stripped when viewed outside that software.