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Fri, Nov 9, 2018 9:24 PM

Lightroom CC: Unable to transfer photos to new iPad due to full creative cloud sync

I bought a fancy new iPad with the main purpose of editing photos in Lightroom CC and the coming full Photoshop version.
As you can see in my post here. I have run out of creative cloud sync space because my library is too large. So I cannot turn on creative cloud sync else I run out of space.

Thus I have photos on my old iPad that I transferred straight off my camera into Lightroom CC. Due to the fact that I cannot use creative cloud sync and the fact that you do not support iCloud backup, I do not have any way to transfer my photos off of my old iPad to my new one without manually exporting them. This is not acceptable. I have plenty of iCloud space and I use that because of the price and versatility of what I can store there. I am not paying $10/mo to get 1 TB from Adobe as well. 

TLDR: Without Selective Sync for Lightroom CC or iCloud backup my photos are stuck on my old iPad

PS please support the new iPad screen dimensions in Lightroom CC. Pillar boxes are a sad panda.


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2 y ago

You could do an iCloud backup of your ALD iPad and restore it to your new one without any issue