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Sun, Apr 15, 2018 1:06 PM

Lightroom CC: Trying to store a copy of all originals at a speicfied location

In Preferences:Local Storage I changed the location to a D: drive, selected Done and restarted the program.  When restarted the drive selection is back to C:  I have even tried to reboot system, then change the drive and restart lightroom CC. currently running 20180323-1058-1dc928c Build




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3 years ago

What kind of drive is D?

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3 years ago

Your build is current so let's reset your preferences file and see if it cures your D drive issue: 

Close Lightroom CC
Hold down [Alt]+[Shift] and while holding, click on the Lightroom CC icon to launch the preferences reset dialog. 
Click [Reset Preferences]

After Lightroom CC launches, can you now set the drive and have it stick?

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