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Wed, Jan 24, 2018 11:21 AM

Lightroom CC: To slow for me to use

I've just tried to confirm one of my best hopes from Adobe and miserably failed.

Yes, I've installed LRCC and realised that Lightroom CC is not newer streamlined version of Lightroom Classic. It is as slow as LR CC Classic, but in addition to that has limited functionality.

Certainly, idea to charge money for something having free Snapseed app functionality on a mobile device appeals to me from a business point of view (bravo, Adobe), 

But these great boardroom geniuses, who decided to bring one more slow and buggy RAW processor to desktop - absolutely not.

Those, who agree to start rolling this software out to public without finalizing it just to get their year-end bonuses - absolutely not.

I won't use it anyway. But you, people of Adobe, do you have any shame for releasing one more piece of crappy software?


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3 years ago

My experience with LRCC is totally opposite of your’s.

Yes, it is a v1.1 release and it is missing features. But my hope is that the one or two items I miss will soon be added, LRCC has made it possible for my primary “computer” to become an iPad Pro. I love having all pictures everywhere!

I am an active member of a local photography club. THe vast majority of the members use Classic. THat said, it is my feeling most of them should be using LRCC. They don;t have a clue there their catalogue is, they don’t run regular backup etc. I’d like Adobe to do a little better marketing to convince people the value and ease of LRCC

I’n very happy with LRCC and I hope Adobe continues to put efforts to put it on par with Classic!


PS, but don’t get me started on the pricing....