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Sat, Oct 28, 2017 9:25 PM

Lightroom CC - to premature

I'm a long time Lightroom user and has always been pro Adobe, but. Today I upgraded to macOS High Sierra snd gave Photos a spin. I must say one thing, it hurts, but I must admit. Photos wins in nearly every aspect - hands down. Well done Apple. Better software, better integrations across platforms and a lot cheaper.

Adobe - you must step up to not loose the whole consumer bunch over to Apple. You have nearly lost me after all this this years.

If you are a Window/Linux/Android user - forget all about the above and keep on Adobing.


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3 years ago

I agree, it is getting harder by the day to stick with LR/Adobe.... their software might be very powerful in many ways but! They release software without clear explanation of how it works, the workflow it is supposed to follow, what it is syncing, how it is syncing, what all this stuff on your computer it is creating, adequate user documentation etc etc. Adobe is relying on committed adobe followers to painstakingly find out themselves through trial and error and user forums. ON1 also have a very very creditable alternative now, worth looking at, many aspects are far superior and it is catching up fast in the other areas...



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3 years ago

I don't use Apple Photos on my Macs, but I do use it on my iPad and iPhone sometimes (because that is where screenshots end up, for example). Apple Photos for iOS is ridiculous. I can't even sort images the way I want.

Johan W. Elzenga,