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Mon, Aug 20, 2018 2:54 AM


Lightroom CC: Things To Make Me Seriously Consider moving to Lightroom CC

Well, this is my first post, so here goes (and Adobe, I hope you're listening!!). I have been a professional photographer for the past 12+ years, so when it comes to the dynamic of Photography Workflow, it is absolutely critical to a photographer's success. For the past several years, I've been using Lightroom Classic CC for organization and post-processing of photos. I will admit: The new Lightroom CC is a very powerful product, and I have been using it heavily to post-process images from my iPhone. However, it's still not "there" when it comes to being the product for professional photography work. I do, however, like the fact that I can sync my images to Lightroom CC from Lightroom Classic CC so I can see them "in the cloud" via the Lightroom CC app on my iPhone. Also, being able to access those images in such a way where I can edit any of them on the fly is a definite plus as well.

However, if Adobe implements the following features into Lightroom CC, I'll be seriously looking at the app for professional work:
1) Batch Renaming: This feature alone is absolutely critical. My existing clients do NOT like to receive "weird-numbered" photos that come straight from the camera. Besides, if you are going through images, and delete some of them because of being out of focus, too dark/light, etc., and you can't batch rename the images, the client will automatically assume that you have some of the images missing. It is much better to send the client files that are named (for instance) "DST 08-18-18-001," DST 08-18-18-002," etc. instead of "IMG_1081," "IMG_0814," etc.... Just saying!

2) More Export Options: This feature would be very, very helpful from a productivity standpoint!! In Lightroom Classic CC, we have the options of exporting images in different file sizes and types. This needs to be moved over to Lightroom CC, but in a new and fresh way! On the Mac app, you can only save images as JPEGs or to Facebook. I am already aware you can save images to 3rd party apps in iOS, which is a good thing. You can't, however, export images with a custom watermark, which to me is a dealbreaker. On the other hand, the "idea" of a new and fresh way could be as follows: I would LOVE to be able to a) select any image (or images) on the Mac version, then b) right-click or select a menu item that would allow me to "Share" the image(s) wherever I'd like (especially to 3rd-party apps like Day One, Twitter, Pinterest Canary Mail, Evernote, and others!). In other words, if this kind of feature could be integrated into the native macOS interface, THAT would be awesome!!!

3) Referenced Files: Although this is somewhat implemented in Lightroom CC, I would like to only import images into Lightroom CC as referenced images from a permanent location (as is the case with most professional photographers!!) instead of them being "fully" stored in Lightroom CC's Cloud. Besides, if I were to upload images directly to the Cloud, I'd quickly hit the 100+GB storage ceiling....

4) Tethered Shooting: I like the feature on iOS where the pictures taken on the iPhone automatically can be synced into a folder of your choice in Lightroom CC. However, I see no menu item where you can shoot tethered from a camera. That feature alone will open this app up to many portrait photographers in the industry who shoot regularly in this way.

What say you all??? What are your thoughts on this? Adobe has done an incredible job over the past few years of implementing many features into the new Lightroom CC, but I will admit they still have some work to do before I can seriously consider Lightroom CC for professional work. I look forward to your responses!


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2 years ago

I am not a professional photographer. I understand what your expectations and hopes are for Lightroom CC, and hopefully some time in the future Lightroom CC will be able to meet those expectations. But in my opinion, Internet service and connectivity in general will have to improve significantly before Lightroom CC will be able to be utilized effectively as a professional photographer's tool, especially for tethered shooting. I have experimented with it a little and have imported a few images directly to Lightroom CC. I definitely can see the potential for the program. But I read so many discussions regarding difficulties with synchronization and images NOT synchronizing and image counts not being consistent between devices. In my own experimenting, sometimes the updates made on one device will apply on another while other times those updates will not apply. Lightroom CC is a terrific idea. When it gets to the point that it's totally reliable and can meet the demands of professional photographers that will be wonderful. But in my opinion, that is going to take some time. I'm not saying it will never happen. I'm just saying it won't happen any time soon.

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2 years ago

as far as I know you can upload to your iPad pro directly and later open them in LR CC as "files"



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2 years ago

Rikk Flohr, Adobe Offical Rep, says:

Feature requests are best entered as a “one feature request per post” method. Adobe accumulates votes on individual feature requests and follows the commentary on each. When you combine feature requests in a single post, it brings down the vote total and dilutes its impact. 

Additionally, many requests made have been made before, and consolidating your feature(s) with those, request strengthens everyone’s cause. When there are multiple requests in a single post, we cannot combine them to join your collective voices.
Please consider separating your feature requests into individual posts.

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2 years ago