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Sun, Apr 1, 2018 4:13 PM

Lightroom CC: Thank you for the excellent sync and cloud backup capabilities

For all the “ideas” (read: problems, frustrations, dissapointment) posted in these forums by myself and others, we usually tend to forget to voice the things we like. I thought I’d voice my satisfaction as well with how well the cloud backup works!Lr mobile is THE only solution I’ve found that’s actually usable when it comes to backing up my photos on the road. No other cloud solution deals so well with interruptions and choppy internet, something I deal with *constantly* while travelling. I want to make this clear: the only reason CC works for me is because it deals so incredibly well with interruptions.Internet is choppy? Not an issue, upload will work even if fragmented. I closed the app? Not an issue, upload will resume when I reopen it. Battery died? Not an issue, upload will resume after charging. All of this without corruption!With Lr mobile and creative cloud, I don’t have to carry any external hard drives with me while on the road, no bulky local backup, no NAS, no nothing. Even on the worst internet connection, no matter how many interruptions, all my photos end up uploaded properly with no corruption, no skipped images, no duplicates or anything. I can’t forget to backup anymore, because that already happens if I imported my photos into Lightroom. Thanks Adobe for allowing me to not think about this at all anymore; it just works. This is so much better than manually backing up. Less things to carry, less things to think about.


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3 years ago

Indeed, Lightroom mobile upload seems solid. And it's a nice achievement, however regular cloud storage services (Dropbox, OneDrive, Gdrive) are also solid these days.

As you mention syncing and upload, another nice touch and one more thing on the long wish list would be uploading only when on both Wifi AND charging, a thing that other cloud services do. I don't necessarily want my phone to start syncing tens (or hundreds, if maybe those are RAW images) of mbytes of data as soon as it gets wifi, without any option to cancel it, e.g. when travelling and being on low battery. Give me the option to have it synced automatically when my battery is safely charging.

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3 years ago

Wow, Victor!

Thanks so much for the kind words. You always have insightful comments so this is especially nice coming from you.

Thanks again, buddy!!