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Wed, Feb 6, 2019 3:45 AM

Lightroom CC syncing issue


I have recently installed Lightroom CC (version 2.1.1) on my laptop (Windows 10). I ́ve been trying to sync the images I ́ve added, but there seems to be no progress. 10 images have synced (out of over 2000), nothing unusual about them.

In https://lightroom.adobe.com/ the following message appears on "Sync issues" (uploaded image).

Checked Firewall, nothing obstructing Lightroom. Please help.


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2 y ago

The screenshot looks like you are waiting for sync to complete from the Desktop app.  Can you click on the cloud icon on the upper right of the desktop app and take a screenshot and post it here?

Additionally, if you log into www.speedtest.net and check your upload speed with and without Lightroom desktop open, what are the respective speeds?
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