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Sun, Jan 28, 2018 12:02 PM

lightroom cc syncing everything after moving the location


I have migrated to Lightroom CC from classic. 

After the migration was completed, all items on the cloud, I moved my Lightroom originals location to an external drive. 

When I restarted Lightroom CC, it started to synchronise (download) everything again. At least that's what the sync progress says.

I am running it since a few days, my Internet usage increased enormously, however, I do not see size increase of the local location.

I know that it is still downloading, I can verify this via my network monitor.

How can I find what is Lightroom CC doing exactly? What is it downloading? Why?

Kind regards


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3 years ago

Are you on a Mac? I noticed exactly the same thing....
The size of my .lrlibrary only got updated after the sync finished.
What I did to check what was going on was to right-click on the library, selected "Show package contents", clicked on the folder with the really long name (guid), right-clicked on originals and then selected "Get Info" to see the actual size 

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Thanks for your reply Harry. Yes I am on the Mac.

Indeed by looking into the package contents, I see that it is updating the previews and the catalogue data.

My usage is about 350GB on the Adobe Cloud. reaching more than 1,5 TB of network traffic during this whole operation really puzzled me.